Effective sound design comes from good judgment. The choices made by an experienced sound designer enhance entertainment
because with experience comes the intuitive sense of what makes a narrative work and resonate with an audience.
Jamey Scott has been blazing a trail of sonic innovation since 1994, and from these 2 decades of trial an error,
comes a seasoned perspective; A perspective that stands out above the crowd in a very meaningful way. 
Dramatic Audio Post, a California corporation founded by Jamey Scott in 2005 is a scalable, creative sound partner focused on collaborating
with visual creatives to design amazing sonic experiences for feature films, animation, video games, and virtual/augmented reality.

If your goal is to transport your users with an immersive and unforgettable aural experience, you’ve come to the right place.


Sound FX Creation

Creating a sound effect for an on-screen object or event is the foundation of our work, like crafting the words within a sentence. To that end, contributing an over-arching concept to all of the sound effects in a production is what makes a cohesive and satisfying sonic experience. Creating sound effects that support a grand vision is what puts common sound effects creation into a higher category, like crafting a novel from sentences. This is exactly what we offer.

Sound Supervision

The post production sound supervisor is the person responsible for the over-arching grand vision for the sound of a project as well as the co-ordinator of the sound team. For larger scale projects that require a larger team of sound professionals, Dramatic Audio Post is scalable to facilitate and oversee outsourced contractors such as foley recordists and editors, dialog/ADR recordists and editors, pre-dubbing mixers, and other necessary positions.

Re-recording Mixing

The re-recording mixer is the person who puts the final polish into a sound production. The last, important step in the creative chain. In addition to having active relationships with many of Hollywood's great mixers, A Y1 designation from the local 700 editor's union ensures confidence that Jamey's mixing skills are among the very best re-recording mixers in Hollywood.

Ambisonic Recording and Mixing

Ambisonic mixing is a newly standardized format for mixing spatialized 3D audio for YouTube360 and Facebook360. With linear content, it's a very effective way to create head-tracked 3D audio on both the horizontal and vertical axis. Dramatic Audio Post is an industry leader and a direct developer of these techniques. Ambisonic recorded and mixed audio can be heard in most of Google's Spotlight Stories.

Game Engine Integration

After 10 years as the primary sound design contractor for Epic Games, Jamey is very knowledgeable about how to make VR audio sound great integrated into the Unreal Engine. In addition to old-school game audio techniques, newly developed techniques such as mixing ambisonic mixed elements with head-tracked, spatialized sound emitters is a great way to make interactive VR experiences extremely immersive. DAP works with your team through Perforce and iterates directly with your workflow so that good sound evolves with the visual experience. Unity integration is also available.

Sound Recording and ADR

Equipped with a large arsenal of the best microphones and recording equipment available, Dramatic Audio Post offers vast options of sound recording services, ranging from in-studio ADR to tetrahedral and dual MS recording for ambisonic 3D sound. We to great lengths to avoid using stock sounds because we know that recording new material that is specific to the project creates a more immersive and believable experience, and we're good at figuring out ways to capture the most expressive and appropriate sounds possible.



A superior critical listening facility designed to create everything from headphone to theatrical mixes.


Experience. Judgement. Creativity. Style. And of course, a lot of DRAMA!


Jamey Scott is a different kind of creative sound entrepreneur. He's been blazing a unique trail over the course of his long and distinguished career. His diverse body of cutting-edge work has spanned over 20 years, culminating in a massive list of some of the most esteemed and highest grossing entertainment properties, crossing genres from Video Games to Feature Films and recently, Virtual Reality.

2 years after completing his coursework as a Jazz Performance major at San Diego State University, Jamey got his first break into production audio at a San Diego-based video game company called Presto Studios in 1995. It was here where he spent 6 years cutting his teeth as a creative sound designer, mixer, and sound supervisor. Creating sound effects, writing music, overseeing audio production, and designing audio engine specifications were just some of his diverse responsibilities on many successful game titles such as The Journeyman Project3: Legacy of Time, Myst3: Exile, and one of the first Xbox launch titles, Whacked! After leaving Presto in 2001 for a freelance career in Hollywood, Jamey blossomed into an in-demand sound designer and has stayed consistently busy with leading industry titles such as Unreal Tournament 2003, Jak3, Daxter PSP, The Gears of War Trilogy, Mafia 3 and a huge list of other popular video game titles.

Film and Television
Jamey is one of very few sound designers in the world who have successfully transitioned from games into feature films, contributing major roles to independent and studio features such as Total Recall, White House Down, Red2, Cameron Crowe’s Aloha, The Intern, and the upcoming Warner Brother’s animated feature, Storks. In addition, a brief detour into TV landed him as the primary sound designer for the first season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Virtual and Augmented Reality
Recently, Jamey’s interest in pushing the boundaries of immersive audio experiences has brought him into the rapidly evolving foray of Virtual Reality. His partnership with Pollen Music Group has resulted in a deep collaboration with Google’s ATAP division to bring their Spotlight Stories series of short films to life. Jamey has contributed essential roles into these groundbreaking and expressive shorts, created and crewed by many of the most cutting-edge creative professionals in the world, such as Justin Lin's blockbuster live-action adventure, Help!, and Patrick Osborne's breath-taking and award-winning, Pearl.

The history is impressive but the future is even brighter for this unique, multi-disciplined sound artist.


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